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Series: Batman: Under the Red Hood [DC Animated Verse] + Some post-Crisis on Infinite Earths comics canon to fill in canon gaps

Character: Jason Peter Todd | Robin | Red Hood

Timeline: Post Movie

Personality: Jason has always been troubled. Bruce and Barbra Gordon both worried that without the proper guidance, Jason would eventually turn to a life of crime. His sense of right and wrong is extremely grey as a result of his time on the streets and his home life before meeting Bruce. He gets angry easily and will more often than not use excessive or deadly force. He is not afraid to use firearms, unlike Batman, he actually uses them quite often. The majourity of Jason's anger is usually directed at those he believes has wronged him. He can quickly give into his rage and become blinded to everything else around him.

He can be extremely ruthless, for example his treatment of Joker while waiting for Bruce to show up. But he also cares deeply for Bruce, Alfred, Barbra and Dick. Even while fighting against Bruce and Dick he goes out of his way to protect them from outside attacks. He considers Bruce to be his father, even though he knows they disagree on many things. He'd even hoped to someday done the cape and cowl and take up the mantle of Batman. His adoptive family is very important to him, considering how he lost his parents. This does not extend to his replacement Tim Drake, whom he considers weak and thinks of with disdain. This is partly because Bruce chose to replace him after failing so utterly with him.

Jason's anger towards Bruce stems from the fact that Bruce did not kill the Joker in revenge. When he discovered this, he carefully began planning a way to force Bruce's hand. His plans went undetected for the most part by Bruce until he came across some of the criminals involved in one of Jason's jobs. Even without Batman at his side, Jason is still calculating and dangerous, using everything that Bruce taught him, as well as the things he learned after being brought back to life. Because Jason is so good, he can be extremely cocky. He often makes jokes at his opponent's expense even if he's losing. This often just makes whoever he is fighting more angry. His hot-headed, act first ask questions later way of doing things often gets him into trouble and is what allowed the Joker to capture and kill him.

He would rather kill a criminal to stop them from committing more crimes, and is willing to play their game in order to control the crime problem in Gotham. Jason doesn't care about the welfare of criminals, but he does care about their victims and those that may be influenced by them. He doesn't want others to have to go through the things he did as a child. This is where he clashes with Bruce the most. Where Bruce refuses to kill, Jason sees no reason to keep certain criminals alive, citing that they will eventually escape and commit further, often worse crimes.

Overall, Jason isn't a horrible person. He doesn't kill innocents, he minds his p's and q's, and loves his adoptive family. He's a result of bad circumstances and may very well have turned out fine had he not been killed, then revived. He can be arrogant and rash, but is also fearless which only helps in his somewhat twisted quest for justice. Jason isn't afraid of putting his life on the line when the end goal is to protect those he swore to protect.

NOTE: Except for the Under the Red Hood links, the links provided are for additional information on the comics canon that I am pulling supplementary material from.


Jason was the son of Catherine and Willis Todd. His father was a petty criminal who abandoned the family after getting out of jail. His mother was a drug addict who he tried to take care of by striping car parts. After his mother overdosed, he was left on his own and it was only fate that brought him to an alley where the Batmobile was parked. Bruce Wayne, as Batman, caught him after he'd already lifted one tire.

Bruce placed Jason in a boarding school for troubled youth. This was short lived as the boarding home was being run as a training ground for criminals. Bruce then decided that Jason's anger could be directed towards criminals as his sidekick, Robin. During his first mission as Robin, it was discovered that his father had been killed by Two-Face. Jason tried to kill Two-Face, angry that Bruce had known about it, but he eventually allowed Two-Face be arrested.

During his tenure as Robin, Jason came up against Felipe Garzonasa who had raped a young woman. Garzonasa had then driven the woman to suicide. Jason made a beeline for Garzonasa after he found the girl dead and was there when he fell from a 22 story building to his death. Jason's response to Bruce afterwards was "Would've been such a big loss if I had (killed him)?"

On a mission in Europe, both Jason and Bruce run afoul the Joker. Ra's al Ghul had been trying to topple the European economy by destroying banks. Ra's had hired the Joker to be a distraction for the Dynamic Duo. However the Joker went beyond what he'd been paid to do and beat Jason nearly to death with a crowbar before locking him in a building and blowing it up. Feeling responsible for the young Jason's death, Ra's stole Jason's body and replaced it with a latex replica. Ra's then brought Jason's body to the Lazarus Pits to revive him. Even though Jason was alive, he did not remember anything and jumped from Ra's cliff top mansion. Ra's sent his army out to search but never found him.

Return from the Grave

Talia al Ghul, Ra's daughter, found Jason shortly after his escape and spent the next five years helping him recover from his murder and return to life.

The Lost Days

Under the Red Hood Wikia Page
Under the Red Hood Wikipedia Page

Abilities/Additional Notes: Jason is at peak human performance, he can easily match Bruce's skills which are superior to most Olympic athletes, and his strength, reflexes, stamina and endurance are about equal to Dick Greyson's. He keeps in very good shape by regularly working out and running through various training techniques. After coming back to life he honed his already well trained combat skills and is a skilled acrobat (as demonstrated by his parkor like moves) and swordsman.

He is a fair detective, knows English, French, German, Italian, Russian and a few other languages and is a ploymath, having an extensive knowledge in science, math, medicine, geography, criminology, world history and English. He was trained by a world renowned bomb expert and is able to build and difuse a number of different bombs ranging from improvised to military grade. He is also able to drive cars, motorcycles, boats and helicopters.

Advocate Note: Hell no, he doesn't need more issues~!

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